Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year Mates!

Oi! It's been a gruellin' 2006 for your host truly! So many zombies fer the killin', so little time! Ah, well. Just dropped by on me Blog to greet you all a Happy New Year, to you and yours! This will be a great year to start with, I can feel it already! Like the saying goes "You'll get your feet wet when you go to the water!" Ain't that a true one, eh? 2007 will be another water to be threaded 'dangerously' by yours truly and me pardies in International Fellowship of Zombie Hunters! Mark my word! Speakin' of which, I went on a picnic and a dip in one of them bayous in the Southern states last week and I was greeted with the Welcome Wagon! It's the bayou style barbecue! He-he! It's killin' me not to show you this pic! Oi! Look at it this way my friends, at the end of day it's those petruferatin' fleshpuppets who'll be blown up to tidbits for the barbecue! Yeah!

Monday, May 08, 2006


Oi! Ha-ha! I was just diggin' on me souvenirs from my past shows and I found somethin'! When we were shooting the iPOD Zombies for our folks in Digital Webbing, we have a blooper that our camera man took. Well, he tried strappin' the camera on the back of the beby! I thought it was so funny! It was never used! So, all you folks out there, here is a shot of the early cover of DWP #27 for the first time! I thought it was a good shot, don't ya think?

Pencils: Dario Carrasco
Inks: Scott Robinson
Colors: Robt L. Snyder

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Miami Lee: Michael Nigro style...

Crikey! Are these a couple of great pin-ips or what? Beauty job on the drawrings that's for smack-dab sure. Michael Nigro does it again with some excellent work on these Miami Lee pics. And by the way, he's done a bunch more. Can't wait to get them all up so you can appreciate them. God knows I do!

Michael Nigro's Work (page

Oi! Michael Nigro has done some phenomenal work on one of me comic books. He's working on a 16 pager about one of me adventures in the Sydney financial district (pertuferatin' banker zombies!). Yeh know, come to think of it, Michael has pretty much been there from the start--drawrin' pinups and jumpin' on board with us with really nothin' but the deep understandin' of how important it is to educate the public on the dangers of zombiedom. And I gotta tell yeh, nobody can draw Miami Lee like he can. Crikey! She's a beaut and he knows her lines inside and out. Ahem. In any case, we'll be showin' more of Michael's excellent artwork on the website.

Monday, April 24, 2006

More Great Art from CB!

Crikey! CB does it again! This is one heckuva nice comic strip. So true to life!

Thanks, CB! I think I'm becomin' one of your biggest fans!

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Me travellin' pixture!

Oi! Right folks, from me zombie-huntin' and filming, Oih travels alot! From Iceland to Timbukto an' around! Oih tells yah, eits fun an' adventurous. Meh most adventurous and dangerous visit was in Alaska. Here's a pix of me and this rare zombie arctifacts. This here archelogical find, is the most dangerous zombie that walked the planet in them ol' days! Dangerous! That's a fact!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Variant Cover (unpublished) for DWP #28

Right! So, as yeh all know, there are times where yeh getcher way, and times where yeh don't. Now, this here variant cover was some darn good work by alot of fine people, but, unfortunately we didn't do the variant cover for the 28th issue of Digital Webbing Presents. Now, don't go readin' into it... it's not like Digital Webbing said we couldn't... rather, it was a business decision I made. Regardless, it's really important that we give thanks where thanks are due.

Mickey Clausen and Mindwinder Studios did a fantastic job with the colors on this beauty of a cover, and we wanna thank him from the bottom of our zombie-slayin' hearts! Thanks Mickey!

Oi! Mimi, I got your back, you got mine! Awesome!

Oi! Having me some fun here with my li'l sister Mimi! We're just blasting, hacking, and maiming our way! We're going to the gym to work out, and we got smack-dabbed in the middle of zombie-nog-heads!

Special Thanks!

Here's some sa-weet fan art by Clarence Burk (a.ka. Samuelspade)! I gotta tell yeh, he's really captured my essence here... surly and powerful, yet loving.

Thanks, CB! Maybe me mates in America and Canada (and I mean you, Nelson and Carrasco!) can getcha involved in a small project for me series that's comin' out.

Thanks again!

Variant Cover for DWP #27

Oi! Check out this fine comic book cover! That's right, folks, it's a limited edition variant cover of me first appearance in Digital Webbing Presents! Only 500 copies were ever produced, so if yeh can getcher hands on one, make sure to save it! Right now, Digital Webbing Presents #27 is selling, for like, 8 or 9 buckaroos at Mile High comics... and that's for the non-variant edition.

Crikey! I think I'm jest gonna hold onto my copies!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Crikey! It's a blog!

Oi! Joe Doogan, here!

Can't wait to get bloggin' 'n' showin' you all about me stuff goin' on in comics and the Undead Zone television show.

There's a _lot_ goin' on right now. In the comics world, I jest got two of me stories published in Digital Webbing Presents #27 and #28. I gotta tell yeh, makin' comics is hard work, but it sure is a _lot_ of fun! I got into a bit of a sticky wicket with me fans over here in the Down Under by workin' with a couple of chaps from Canada and the States, but I gotta tell yeh, it's worth it! Dario Carrasco, who draws the comic, is phenomenal! Couldn't have a better artist, I tell yeh. And that Aaron Nelson bloke who's writin' all the scripts... well.. nobody comes cheaper. I think I've owned monkeys who cost less than him to keep around.

And let me tell you about the next season of Undead Zone. Crikey! We've got a _lot_ happenin' there, too. But more on that later!

Welcome, bloggers, to the one and only Joe Doogan blog! We got alot to talk about, so gather round and watch in amazement!