Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Crikey! It's a blog!

Oi! Joe Doogan, here!

Can't wait to get bloggin' 'n' showin' you all about me stuff goin' on in comics and the Undead Zone television show.

There's a _lot_ goin' on right now. In the comics world, I jest got two of me stories published in Digital Webbing Presents #27 and #28. I gotta tell yeh, makin' comics is hard work, but it sure is a _lot_ of fun! I got into a bit of a sticky wicket with me fans over here in the Down Under by workin' with a couple of chaps from Canada and the States, but I gotta tell yeh, it's worth it! Dario Carrasco, who draws the comic, is phenomenal! Couldn't have a better artist, I tell yeh. And that Aaron Nelson bloke who's writin' all the scripts... well.. nobody comes cheaper. I think I've owned monkeys who cost less than him to keep around.

And let me tell you about the next season of Undead Zone. Crikey! We've got a _lot_ happenin' there, too. But more on that later!

Welcome, bloggers, to the one and only Joe Doogan blog! We got alot to talk about, so gather round and watch in amazement!


Blogger Samuelspade said...

I'm like one of your BIGGESTEST FANS EVER! Why, I've got all of your action-figures, t-shirts, comic-books, video-games, tv-show DVD's, prophylactics...you NAME IT! It's great to finally have a chance to mee...

...oops. Sorry Joe, I passed out momentarily from the excitement! Sometimes I forget to breathe, plus I haven't eaten much today, so I'm gonna go now, and make me some "Doogan-dogs", with all the works! CYA Later! /zombie salute

4:50 PM  

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