Saturday, April 22, 2006

Variant Cover (unpublished) for DWP #28

Right! So, as yeh all know, there are times where yeh getcher way, and times where yeh don't. Now, this here variant cover was some darn good work by alot of fine people, but, unfortunately we didn't do the variant cover for the 28th issue of Digital Webbing Presents. Now, don't go readin' into it... it's not like Digital Webbing said we couldn't... rather, it was a business decision I made. Regardless, it's really important that we give thanks where thanks are due.

Mickey Clausen and Mindwinder Studios did a fantastic job with the colors on this beauty of a cover, and we wanna thank him from the bottom of our zombie-slayin' hearts! Thanks Mickey!


Blogger Samuelspade said...

Love the tones Mindwinder!
BTW, how come Aaron didn't push Dario out of the way before he got his head lopped off by Joe?
Is it because he pulled that prank on him in the showers? EEK!

4:39 PM  

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