Thursday, January 11, 2007

Happy New Year Mates!

Oi! It's been a gruellin' 2006 for your host truly! So many zombies fer the killin', so little time! Ah, well. Just dropped by on me Blog to greet you all a Happy New Year, to you and yours! This will be a great year to start with, I can feel it already! Like the saying goes "You'll get your feet wet when you go to the water!" Ain't that a true one, eh? 2007 will be another water to be threaded 'dangerously' by yours truly and me pardies in International Fellowship of Zombie Hunters! Mark my word! Speakin' of which, I went on a picnic and a dip in one of them bayous in the Southern states last week and I was greeted with the Welcome Wagon! It's the bayou style barbecue! He-he! It's killin' me not to show you this pic! Oi! Look at it this way my friends, at the end of day it's those petruferatin' fleshpuppets who'll be blown up to tidbits for the barbecue! Yeah!